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You are not alone. We make sure you have the right benefits, complete the appropriate paperwork and find the service provider which best matches your individual needs.

Find support and information for your unique situation

At Connect The Dots, we understand no two aged care journeys are the same.

We have a full, in-depth understanding of the entire process. Nothing is hidden – we give you all the information and handy tips that you need, at the level of support that you choose.

The aged care placement journey

Lets transform what seems an overwhelming process into a smooth journey at every step.
With information, tips, support and guidance personalised to your situation, we break down complex language to give you an invaluable link to solutions that align with your unique needs, medical requirements and location preferences to find the best provider.

Finding a place

At this stage, you will be looking for the right residential aged care for a loved one, and may be under pressure to make a fast decision. Some of the questions you may have include:

Filling in forms

Once you have chosen a provider, paperwork and administrative tasks are the next tasks, and can seem overwhelming. Some of the questions you might have include:

Financial and legal decisions

We can tick all the boxes for you, ensuring everything is looked after completely, and all necessary medical, legal, benefits and cost factors are taken care of. Some of the questions you might have include: